Pocket Waiter

Ever struggled to catch the waiter's attention when you want a second drink?
Or really wanted a dessert, but the waiter just brings you the bill?
Or been in a hurry to leave, but can't find the waiter to bring the bill?
It's annoying, right?

Especially when the food is good, the location is good, the atmosphere is good.
Just a shame that the service is stuck in the 80's.
No need to put up with that any more.
No need to be critical.
Just go digital.

Pull out your phone and use Pocket Waiter ™

Download the Pocket Waiter app onto your phone.
Tell your favourite restaurants to download the Pocket Waiter app onto an iPad.
Then, every time you eat there, just send your orders in over WiFi or Bluetooth (even when the internet is down).