Pocket Waiter is the premium off the shelf At Table Ordering System.



It’s a busy night, your busiest of the week.

The kitchen’s busy, staff are busy, customers are bustling.


A customer tells you that they’ve struggled to order drinks.

You look around, other customers are struggling to attract a waiter’s attention too.

Your customers could have enjoyed their visit more.

You could have sold more drinks.


Want to fix it?


pocket waiter download link

Get an iPad and install Pocket Waiter

Let customers order their own drinks.

Right from their table.

Using an app on their own phones.

It’s easy!


How much does it cost customers?


Nothing, it’s free

No charges, no fees, totally free.

Download the Pocket Waiter app onto your iOS or Android phone.


How much does it cost restaurants?


Get up and running for the price of an iPad.

Download Pocket Waiter for free.

Use it for free.

No commission or per-order charges, your sales are yours.

Restaurants can purchase a variety of premium features from the Apple App Store.

They’re all optional, you’re not required to purchase any of them.

If you want, you can literally run the system for free.


Benefits and opportunities


Pocket Waiter for Customers


Pocket Waiter for Restaurants, Bars & Cafes


Pocket Waiter for EPOS systems