Pocket Waiter

Let customers order for themselves

They get served faster

You sell more

Pocket Waiter self ordering system screenshot

Made for your business

Table Service
When you set Pocket Waiter into Table Service mode, each order received is assigned to a specific table
Quick Service
When you disable Table Service mode on Pocket Waiter, customers are not required to be seated at a specific table
Pocket Waiter works great for Take away businesses too - disable Table Service mode and enable order numbering, pre-payment and customer name collection and you're all set
Coffee Shop
For Coffee Shops Pocket Waiter can collect just the first name of each customer so you can call out to them when their order is ready
Pubs and Bars
Bar service, table service or roof/bar garden service is perfect with Pocket Waiter - if you're roof/beer garden is large and you're not delivering drinks, enable Push Notifications so you can digitally call the customer to the bar to collect their drinks

Why choose us

Pocket Waiter is the only mobile based self ordering system that continues working even if the internet goes down

Top Features

Qr CodeQR Codes
Customers can scan a QR code to view your menu and place orders
Web or AppWeb or App
Your customers can either use the native iOS/Android Pocket Waiter apps - or they can connect directly from their web browsers without the Pocket Waiter app
Push NotificationsPush Notifications
Enable the Push Notification feature and you can send push notifications to your customers when you're ready for them to collect their order
PrintersPrint Orders
Pocket Waiter's printer support is legendary, just turn on the printer and tell Pocket Waiter to search for it - Pocket Waiter will find your WiFi or Bluetooth printer without you needing to configure anything
PaymentsTake Payments
Enable pre-payments and ensure you only receive per-paid orders
Order and TraceOrder and Trace
Enable various customer data collection options and collect your customers' details - options for names and/or phone number and/or email address


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