What are the Internet Gateway Connection Terms of Use?


Use it to avoid reconfiguring restrictive networks.

Your customers won't notice any difference with the Pocket Waiter experience in your restaurant.


What does it do?

Your iPad will communicate with the Pocket Waiter website using your restaurant's WiFi.

Your customers phones will communicate with the Pocket Waiter website.

The Pocket Waiter website forwards phone communications to your iPad.

The Pocket Waiter website forwards the iPad communications to your customers' phones.


How much does it cost?

It has a different price in each country, but typically all around the £100 per month price point.

You can see the exact price for your country within the Pocket Waiter iPad app.

Unlike most premium features within Pocket Waiter iPad app, the Internet Gateway Connection feature comes with a monthly charge.

This is known as an auto-renewing subscription.

Once you setup the transaction, the The Apple App Store will handle a payment every month until you cancel the subscription.

The Apple App Store handles all payments.

The Apple App Store doesn't forward any personally identifiable information to us, they just let us know that you've completed the payments.