How do I setup printers?



Pocket waiter supports WiFi or ethernet connected receipt printers.
Most of the cheap receipt printers on Amazon that say they support Bluetooth are not supported by Apple - so to avoid confusion and wasted effort, we've currently disabled Bluetooth printing.



If you have more than one network in your restaurant, make sure your iPad and your receipt printer are on thenetwork the customers use.


Printer Setup

Setting up some of the cheaper receipt printers can be quite frustrating.
To avoid the frustration, make sure you get a receipt printer with a configuration program.
Most of the cheap receipt printers are configurable via a windows based program through a USB cable.
If you don't have access to a windows computer, make sure you purchase a receipt printer that can be configured in other ways.


Configuring printers with Pocket Waiter

The good news...
You literally just need to turn on the printing option (which is findable on your iPad on Pocket Waiter's settings screen)
The first thing Pocket Waiter does is to ask you whether you have a WiFi/Ethernet based printer or a Bluetooth based printer.
If yours is Bluetooth based, Pocket Waiter will almost instantaneously find it and offer you a test print.
If your printer is on your network, Pocket Waiter will find it for you automatically, just tap WiFi and let it search - you don't need to know the IP Address of the printer - and in fact you don't even need to know what an IP Address is - if you have multiple printers on the network, Pocket Waiter will steer you through the you printing of test pages, once you get the test page on the printer you want, you're all done.