iPhone - To communicate with restaurants

What Pocket Waiter does

Pocket Waiter sends your food and drink orders to the restaurant digitally. Order your desserts, order more drinks, ask for the bill - all without having to flag down your waiter.

How to use Pocket Waiter

Pocket Waiter removes the strain of getting noticed by busy restaurant staff. You order exactly what you need through the app. You can add options and notes to your orders and you can ask for your bill.

Where to use Pocket Waiter

You can use Pocket Waiter at any restaurant that has Pocket Waiter on an iPad.

What to do if your favourite restaurant doesn't have Pocket Waiter

Tell them about it. They can download Pocket Waiter from the Apple App Store. It is free and so easy to set up, you could show them how to do it yourself, if you install it on an iPad. We provide tech support for restaurants via Twitter and Facebook, and restaurants that need a little extra help can purchase onsite setup and training.

Pocket Waiter does not use the Internet

Your Pocket Waiter app can connect to the restaurant via Bluetooth or the local WiFi network. No information is transmitted over the Internet.

Using Bluetooth

You might want to use Bluetooth for several reasons. For one thing, Bluetooth consumes less battery charge than WiFi. And not everyone likes using public WiFi. Bluetooth also provides a great backup option when the restaurant's WiFi fails.

Using WiFi

WiFi is faster than Bluetooth, which means you will connect to the restaurant and download the menu a little more quickly. WiFi also has greater range than Bluetooth, so it might be the only option in large restaurants, unless you happen to be seated near to the iPad running Pocket Waiter.