Sales - Ready to get started with Pocket Waiter in your restaurant

DIY option

Just download Pocket Waiter onto an iPad.

It's free to setup and free to use.

There are a few optional features we consider premium, none of which are required to get up and running.


Premium Options


If you're short on time or need help to get up and running quickly, we can help.


Option 1: There's a Menu Download Service available within the app where you can send us your menu and, for a fee, we'll type it up for you and make it available to download straight into the app.


Option 2: Instant Setup. We can send someone out to you. They'll bring an iPad and a receipt printer (both new in the box). They'll type up your menu and unlock all of the one-off payment premium featurfes for you. By the time they leave your restaurant, you'll have a fully functioning Pocket Waiter system and you wont have had to do anything except arrange a time date and get booked in - contact us for pricing at your location/convenience.


Option 3: Want some fanfare? Organise a Launch Event with us. We can send one or more Pocket Waiter Brand Ambassadors to your restaurant to help raise awreness with your customers. The Brand Ambassador(s) will bring popup banners and help explain everything to your customers leaving you and your team free to run the restaurant - contact us for pricing at your location/convenience.